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    Transferring digital funds has become easier by the day with the growing technology available today. In this age where transactions and communication are done at rapid speed, currency transactions must also follow suit. Bitcoin transactions are generally faster than bank transfers and international wire transfers, from instantaneous to an average of 10 minutes.

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    category : finance

    Low Money Investment Methods

    Suppose you have 3 million surpluses on your monthly expenses and you don't know what to do with this amount of money. Perhaps the first way you can think of is to save money. But is saving the best option ?!

    In the current economic conditions of society, and given the current inflation, saving money is not a wise thing to do, as keeping your money worth less than it is yesterday and in the future will be nothing but a pity. You might be wondering what else can I do besides save that amount of money without reducing my value?

    Your answer will be a word "investment".

    You might be surprised to be told that you can invest with any amount of money. But before introducing one of the newest and most up-to-date low cost investing methods, it is best to get acquainted with the usual low cost investing methods.

    One of the most common ways to invest with low money is to buy gold and currency. You have probably seen in your surroundings that people buy gold or currency as soon as they make money. But given the vibrant gold and foreign exchange market, do you risk buying them?

    Another method is to deposit in a bank. Unlike the above, this method has a lower risk. But consider whether the interest earned on bank deposits is enough to keep your money's value over time?

    If you are consulting with your friends about investing, it will surely be one of the suggested options for investing in the 3 million USD stock market and buying shares. But hold on. Investing in the stock market requires a thorough knowledge of this market and it is best to avoid investing in the market if you do not have the necessary knowledge and leave it to the investment funds if you wish.

    If you ask an investor, you will be told that the choice of investing method depends heavily on the morale of the individual and the level of risk. In addition, investing knowledge is an important point in the success of your investment.

    We're not saying that you should be scared of investing, but that you need to start by looking at all the pros and cons of making the best choice.

    There are many new ways to invest in the world. One of these investment methods is Peer To Peer Lending, which is one of the most popular Lending Club sites.

    This platform, which is an installment sale platform, you can invest in by purchasing the installment buyers' demand.

    The mechanism of this platform is that after the registration of the order for the installment purchase applicants, the desired device will be on the waiting list. As a supplier, you provide the money needed to buy the device. Then, by paying the customer monthly, you will be reimbursed the installment benefit after deducting the commission plus part of the principal.

    On this site, installment sales people can buy game console installments, install laptop installments and buy whatever they need. That's why the prices on this site are quite varied. That's why you can invest in the platform with whatever money you have.

    last word

    Given inflation, if you are looking for a way to keep your money's worth, investing is your first and best choice. But to invest, you need to be careful and avoid investing in things you are not familiar with.

    category : finance

    Simple money making strategy with the amount of money you have

    These are not methods, they are money makers ...

    Smart money management is more than subtraction, multiplication and division!

    Here's the thing we all know: spend less than your income, invest the rest of your money, and you'll be rich when you get older ...

    It's easy to say, but who really knows:

  • How to double our money,
  • How much to invest
  • When to trade, when to trade
  • When to buy land
  • When to start our business and…
  • But what matters most is our attitude towards money, which prevents most people from earning more and achieving their dreams.

    You don't have to keep going the way everyone has gone. If you invest all your income today, you can't do it again in 10 years or if you save on commuting, food and clothing after 10 years in the same place you are. .

    If in doubt, pick up a calculator right now and make two quadrants ...

    So what is the solution?

    Most people's beliefs about money are wrong ... that's a fact;

    You can see the direct proportion of people's general thinking in their financial situation. If you want them to do the same thing they do, keep in mind that they have.

    But if you want to get out of this jirga money can't do you anything, it's just your thoughts that can save you; .

    »Can my thoughts make me rich?

    Yes, your thoughts can move you from a miserable state to a state of complete freedom as quickly and beautifully as possible, you just need to know how to use your thoughts, which the rich are mastering…

    The article "If You Knew the Power of the Human Mind ..." has already talked about the infinite power of the mind and the experiments to prove it, but in this article we will discuss how to use this power of thought to increase the money we have ...

    Well, what should I do?

    You just have to do the strategies below. These strategies restore your insight and attitude to money and allow you to re-incorporate the best attitudes and beliefs about money into your mind.The Law of Faith: Poor people are poor only because they have not yet decided to become rich.

    If you decide to get rich, just follow these 6 simple money-making strategies with the amount of money you have:

    1. The secret is that there is no secret

    Yes, you read right. No need to look for books in libraries and bookstores for books with these titles:

    "The Secrets of Getting Rich"

    "How to Get Rich Quickly"

    'Get rich quick techniques'

    You have to decide on your own destiny and find your way to becoming rich.

    The old ways and secret secrets are all gone.

    It is better to just get started, just keep in mind the basic tenets of money management that have been left out for centuries in Babylon's Richest Man, published in 1926: Always spend less than you earn. This is the basic principle of money management that is mentioned in the book of Babylon's richest man as a strategy to become rich.

    2. Happiness stems from the proper management of our expectations

    There is no end-of-life product to buy that will meet all your needs. There will always be better goods or they will be produced. So in the hope that "if I buy it again, don't stop there ..." ... To get out of this trap, it is better to lower your expectations and your thinking in the long run.

    Instead of now two weeks, 3 months in another 2 years, think about how your decision now will affect your ultimate goal.

    3. You can have anything you want, but not at the same time!

    Don't just spend your money on the things that don't matter, but spend as much money on the things you want to get.

    You don't love cars? So spend a little money on it, but do you love traveling? Spend your money here; you'll get two things:

    Whatever you wanted Confidence in getting it (which is more important than the money you have)

    4. 'Awesome' = Enemy Number One 'Good Enough'

    We often feel defeated… because we were looking for perfection and perfectness;

    But we don't do anything, we don't get what we wanted!

    Because we think if it weren't for the ideal we had in mind, it wouldn't be any better at all.

    Always remember: Doing anything worth doing, even half of it, is better than never doing it.

    5. No more excuses to buy

    The president, your spouse, your parents, your friends and… are not to blame for your financial situation; yes you read it right. These people are not to blame, you are the main culprit!

    This is the same mindset that rich people make good use of ... If you look at the average person down in society, they are unhappy with the status quo in any given situation, and their finances are the same!

    But rich people can get their money under any circumstances, they don't care how things are, they create the conditions they want.

    6. No one cares about your income as much as you do

    So don't wait for an angel to come to your life and show you the right way to be free from error and to be able to get wealth and health without risk; you have a common sense and instinct that keeps you up to date. Different rescues, so go ahead and use them.

    category : finance

    The best low-money investment

    Low money investing can be attractive to most people, but which investor can be the best?

    There are various ways to invest, including bank investment, home and land investment, gold and coin investing, stock market investing, and more.

    We are all looking for ways to invest that we can make with low capital.

    The key question here is which way is the best and the most efficient?

    Before You Invest:

    Save 20% as soon as you receive your monthly salary, even if it is very low.

    Never invest before securing your market (before thorough analysis).

    Determine your expected return from the market before investing.

    Market Acceptance Rate The so-called loss limit before entering the market.

    There are currently 2 ways to invest with low money.

    Starting a startup that can be started with low capital.

    In one of the investment markets

    Many startups are low-capital startups, but this type of investment is considered a job and makes it out of the investment vocabulary group. But if you want to invest in low-cost capital, you can take a look at the list of start-ups.

    Well, there are many ways to invest, but some require a lot of capital, such as real estate investing, and so on.

    The first investor that can be mentioned with any amount of capital is bank investment that is suitable for low-risk and low-income individuals, and can not safeguard against the value of capital in the face of inflation.

    If you are a risk-taker, you may be offered a stock investment that can increase your capital and source of income in addition to protecting your value against inflation.

    But what are the ways to enter this market? And how can you make a profit in this market and see it as a second job and a first income?

    By investing in yourself by increasing your knowledge of the field, you can invest in the market and make money.

    Knowledge like fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

    You can invest in stock training classes by investing in yourself and paying a modest fee, and you can invest and make a profit without the need for someone else.

    category : finance

    5 ways to invest with low money

    Method One - Investing Money in Banks and Financial Institutions

    The first thing that comes to mind when the word investment comes to mind, Banke. A safe, quiet and secure investment with the benefit of being deposited into your bank account every month! Who doesn't want to? True, this is a worrying way, but let's take a closer look. You've probably seen bank ads with 22%, 30%, compounded bank statements or other colorful ads and you said wow, and then you calculated your monthly profit from this investment and said, This is the best way! But what is that curtain?

    Well banks don't love us so they call us money and cash for a reason and then give them your money and then banks give you money and some percentage of that profit. Partner with you. Investing in low money in the bank

    If your investment is too high, these short or long term profits may be significant to you, but we are here because we want to invest with our money! Make sure the banks are profitable from the first day they are set up and plan to invest 99% of their investment, even if the bank goes bankrupt in most cases the owners of the bank will not suffer much. But what about the people who put their heads in that bank? You've certainly read or heard more of the news of bankrupt banks or bankruptcies. If we just go for big and special loans…

    However, choosing a trustworthy bank is not that risky and can sometimes be relatively safe and secure by opening a long-term bank account and being patient. You just have to make sure you invest your money in a reputable bank under the direct supervision of the central bank. The second method is to invest money in the stock market

    The stock market glow nowadays attracts anyone thinking of investing. Exchanges are like a market with the exception that you can buy and sell stocks of different companies in the stock market and somehow partner with them.

    The definition that news agencies use of stock exchanges is that "a stock exchange is a market in which different assets are traded."

    Stock Market An intrinsically flexible market, one of the characteristics of the stock market in Western countries is having a dynamic capital market and active in financing the production companies. But in Iran, the stock market is not as expected as it is expected to be in strong fundraising and plays a greater role in people-to-people exchanges.

    Stock Benefits

    So what are the benefits of this stock market? First of all, it is good for producers because without confronting the bank and such transactions they can accumulate a small amount of capital and improve the production cycle (the growth of production in one country does not leave capital out of the country and this in turn causes low market inflation. Keep the value of the country money) for my wise investor like you and me, because in return for this low profitable investment, it is faster than investing in the bank, from the production of that company's products, and whenever I want. You can sell your papers in the market.

    Exchange market inequality

    But the stock market is not always that kind! Many of those who are not good analysts in this market and who are not well versed in the stock market are the foremost investor of failed stock markets.

    Some ordinary people enter the market when the stock indexes rise to gain higher profits, but because of the high impact of the stock market on external factors such as sanctions and political events and changes in commodity prices, the indexes fall rapidly. And all those people would lose all their heads if they couldn't make a good forecast. Even raising the stock index itself can be a surprise! So he shouldn't have relied too much on it.

    Bankruptcy in low-money stock market investment Barrier of rent on the stock market

    In addition, this investment is not very safe; despite the prevention and ways to prevent abuse and corruption in the stock market, it has still been shown that information rent and leakage of important information before official release is, for some, Specifically, having close relationships with business owners is one of the common occurrences in large stock markets, which makes certain profits go to the pockets of the executives and, most of the time, to others.

    Generally speaking, if you want to invest in the stock market and do not cap on before you enter the stock market, you need to know enough about the stock market and buy stocks with experts working in the stock market. Be consulted and always remember to trade patiently in the stock market because there are always shares that can be traded with them.

    The third method is investing in digital currencies

    In recent years, the word "digital currency" has been heard for over 100 years. Words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rippl are all examples of digital currencies. This kind of money has gone a long way and I still have a long way to go to become a major investment option. Let me talk about Bitcoin, one of the main digital currency options.


    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and payment network whose transactions are performed without the need for an intermediary. Since no one on the network has access to information and databases, only bitcoin miners or miners can approve transactions, in fact, miners' jobs in digital currency trading and onassis verification. By creating this service, the miner will receive bitcoin instead. One of the benefits of bitcoin is the one-sided non-counterfeiting.

    Bitcoin mining

    Many people - even in our own country - decide to extract bitcoin by writing programs and building a set of computers, and in that way, make that bitcoin a bargain with others (for example exchanges) and make a fortune. Invest their money in this term. But this method is not safe due to the weaknesses of the virtual world!

    One of the biggest problems with digital currencies is the lack of government support for these types of money, even in some countries extracting these types of digital currencies is illegal. Because of its ability to perform transactions in a secret and non-traceable way, it provides web crawlers with fraud.

    I recommend doing a thorough research on them before investing in digital currencies so that they can be fully transparent and do not fall into the trap of profit. The fourth approach: investing in low-cost digital business

    Certainly this type of investment is familiar to all of us; either we have experienced it or we know people who have made high profits from social networks and made a name for themselves. Digital business does not only include social networks and sites.

    This type of well-known business needs little investment and quick returns; but if you know the way. This investment is not limited to geography, where you have a store for yourself anywhere in the world and you can sell any product you like.

    In this space you can find your customers much faster and you don't need environmental marketing because the internet itself and the internet do it for you just a site with the address you want to set up and put your content inside; you can even do without the site and Just start a good business with just the right social media and information.

    But there are also warnings about this space that you should be aware that cyberspace is almost unrecognizable and a good space for scammers and profiteers to take advantage of the same low capital. So you should not trust anyone easily in this space and never do a transaction without a safe passage. And last but not least, never go into it without study and research.

    Method 5: Entering the Service Business

    You might be surprised to see this headline and say to yourself, "If I had the money to start a business that I wouldn't have clicked on," I agree that our headline is a bit wrong, but I have to say it's one of the most successful. And the most risk-free investment in recent years is building a service business.

    service work

    In a market where manufacturing jobs are fraught with market failure and the lack of raw materials you will always have your customer as a service job.

    An example of service work

    Let me give you an example; Service work like having a car dealership, in a time when most people might not be able to buy a new car. This type of business has a good return on capital, and in the first few months you may be able to cover the cost of Oliton a few times with a few basic points.

    Investing in baby business doesn't require a lot of capital, and we can start with low capital, and expand it whenever we feel we can.

    Investing with Low Money at Home Games

    Play houses are a good example of this business; creating a space for children's play and earning money can be a good option, as you can turn your play space into a brand with the advice you get to get started. Go back in one month and only pay back all the expenses you made on the weekends (and for the benefit).

    I know right now your mind is full of questions and you even say to yourself, "How can I get started with this kind of money?" "You may be earning some money by keeping your money in your account or temporary investments, but you will never be rich unless you are an entrepreneur." To do this, you need to make some preparations; I said all along the way you have to study to avoid water. I will help you along the way and introduce you to this video package that answers step by step and some of the questions that may have come up.

    Entrepreneurship is not just having a factory. You can make a good living with a play house or a kid's space, and a few other people like you and me are looking to make that good income with you and introduce them to you.

    I tried my best to tell you the best ways to make the least risky investment with them. From now on you are free to be a singer or to read something. You can go all the way and experience it yourself, and you can write your experiences for me under the same text. I would love to know how you invested and what your results were. Even if you have the experience of failing an investment, it's good to share this experience with others so that others can use it. My last word to you is never to be convinced of what you are or are now and always try to make your day different from tomorrow.

    category : finance

    Ways to invest in rich people

    It's easy to spend our money on the things we love, but at the end of the day you can see that all the money you have earned is spent no matter how much your income is. Instead of taking pleasure in the moment, turn your focus to the future.

    No one wants to make more money, but if you ever wonder how rich and successful people make all the money, you should read this text. We've compiled a list of actions you can take in your daily life to save money for the rich.

    Take care of the small costs

    We all care about big investments and huge purchases, but we pay the small costs with carelessness and carelessness, but these small costs can turn into a big mountain.

    As one economist rightly put it: "Look for any way to cut down on your small expenses; eventually you'll reach a significant number."

    2 - Focus on the future

    It's easy to spend our money on the things we love, but at the end of the day you can see that all the money you have earned is spent no matter how much your income is. Instead of taking pleasure in the moment, turn your focus to the future.

    "You can be young without money, but you can't get old with no money." (Tennis Williams)

    Don't buy unnecessary things to influence others

    Although we all love to get good feedback from friends and acquaintances about what we have, we have to set boundaries for ourselves. You have to buy the things you need and not just the things that can influence others. Otherwise, the sky will not be the limit for your purchase.

    "Stop buying things you don't need and just for the sake of influencing people you don't even love." (Susan Orman)

    4 - Divide things into white and black

    In today's world there are a lot of expenses that if you do not plan and budget your money, in the end there will be no investment left for you. Internal and external expenses. Wealthy people know where the money comes from and where it goes.

    An Excel spreadsheet can be a great help in this regard.

    "Budgeting tells you where your money goes, rather than wondering where it went." (John C. Maxwell)

    The rich never pay for any unnecessary expenses

    5. Be hard-working

    Contrary to the popular saying that rich people just enjoy and enjoy their lives, the reality is that they spend much of their useful lives much harder than the average person. So try to increase your income, and when it does, save a large portion of it even more.

    “I love business and the truth is, I save more than I spend. I invest. I plan for the future. "I have sharp eyes to identify situations and work harder than others expect." (Tom Hanks)

    Save a large portion of your income

    Again, we think that rich people spend and spend their money on different things. No it is not. That is why they remain rich.

    They always save a portion of their income, so save a large portion of what you earn. This ensures that you never run out of money.

    Save a third, live with a third and spend a third. "(An economist)

    7. Invest your savings wisely

    We often ignore small amounts, but those small amounts can overlap and become significant. If you have more, it's even better. To maximize your money, if you invest it in the right place, you will be amazed at the outcome.

    "A sum here, a sum there, which is part of the profit, is accumulated, and this will produce the desired result. It may take some training to handle this financial issue, but when used, you will find that there is more satisfaction in investing rationally than spending unreasonably. ”(PT Brown)

    Practice the millionaire formula

    The ordinary way of thinking is to start saving after facing the necessary expenses. The way a rich person does is the opposite; we like to call it the millionaire formula.

    Here's how: When you receive your salary, set aside a percentage to give back to the community and forgive as well as save a percentage for investing for your financial goals. Only spend the amount that remains.

    "Don't invest what remains after spending, but spend what remains after saving." (Warren Buffett)

    9 - Close the pores

    The rich never pay for any unnecessary expenses. They are very careful about the prices and costs that they can avoid.

    "Beware of small expenses; a small hole will drown a ship." (Benjamin Franklin)

    Follow these simple and practical tips in your life and you will be able to see the difference. Invest in happiness!

    category : finance

    Method of financing investment in new business

    How to invest in a new business venture can really help your business succeed. This article discusses three ways to finance new business investments.

    How to invest in a new business venture can really help your business succeed. This article discusses three ways to finance new business investments.

    Here's a list of 3 ways to invest in your new business:

    - Collective investment

    Many investors usually search for crowdfunding websites to find new business and start-up capital for their startups. When you compete to finance your business, you need to set a time goal and a monetary goal. In describing your biography, you should include a link to the PDF version of your business plan.

    Also, include a link to a video or video file principle in which you introduce yourself. Mass investing can bring in a lot of investors, and if you do it right, you can get even more than you need.

    - Investing Risk Investors

    Venture capitalists have long been reluctant to fund startups. Venture capital investing in the first quarter was about 5 percent less than the same period last year. The business plan presented to a venture investor must be carefully prepared. They want to know what you expect from your brand revenue in the first year, and what you expect from your next 5 years.

    You should also explain to him how your particular idea can fill the gaps in the industry, or how it can address a particular need.

    - Providing financial forecasts

    You should, with the help of a financial advisor, prepare a list of financial forecasts for your business' interests, income, and growth and provide any potential source of funding. Only detailed and statistical information should be included in this list. There are sections that include your goals and hopes for monetization, but you only need to focus on the numbers and figures to figure out how to finance your business and prepare your business plan.

    - Small Business Loans

    You can apply for government loans for small businesses - for example, in the United States, there is an office called the Small Business Administration (SBA). Remember, when doing this, your credit rating will be reviewed. Make a copy of your financial forecasts and your business plan; review them all with your financial advisor once to ensure all this information is correct, and then edit them with the help of a financial expert. Doing these extra steps will help you to ensure that your language and language are convincing and persuasive.

    - Using credit allocation programs to start a business

    Before you want to use your savings to fund your business, you can also consider the benefits of using credit programs to start a business. If you are a member of a deferred income (k ???? scheme), personal retirement account, or retirement contract, you may be able to borrow money to start your new business. But be careful when using this option, if you have not yet withdrawn from any of these accounts, you may be subject to early withdrawal penalties.

    - Financing of personal savings

    Financing personal savings is slightly different from financing personal capital because personal savings do not include money from continuous income; this way savings and cash are used to fund new business. To do this, you need to evaluate the extent of your business and plan it according to the available cash. Your business profits will grow at a controlled rate.

    - Reach out to prominent investors

    In the process of financing a startup in a particular sector of an industry, appealing to prominent investors is a great idea. Startups in the technology arena are expanding and changing, meaning that funding is declining in this area because the so-called overdose is over. So, you have to have a unique idea and explain it in a short video, then send it to the investors, and ask them for an appointment.

    You need to attract the attention of big, well-known investors, because simply naming them can take your business a few steps forward at the start. If you succeed, we suggest you quickly make this the media and announce your primary source of funding to other investors as well as to attract customers.

    - Angel investors

    Angel investors are those who lend you money without interfering with your business. They put their money behind your idea and wait for a certain amount of time to enjoy the return on their investment. Given that friends, family, and relatives are the most important sources of investment, you should consider the consequences of failing a good friendship.

    You have to set aside a month to repay this money, so be prepared to repay that angel if you agree.


    If you haven't been successful in any of these 2 ways, don't miss your previous job and start step by step. You can start thinking about new business in the long run using the income from the same job. You also have more time to make sure your goals, products / services, and prospective employees are on your startup day. Be sure to present and present your ideas powerfully and without a hint of disappointment.

    category : finance

    Ways to Attract Startups; Collective Investment


    The issue of financing and fundraising has always been one of the main challenges of starting new businesses or developing existing ones. This is all the more important in the field of innovative businesses and high-tech start-ups, because on the one hand, the nature of innovation and technology is accompanied by some inherent uncertainty, and on the other hand, the development and commercialization of a technological idea is generally needed. It is a minimal investment in research and development activities. Obviously, given the high failure rate of advanced technology-based entrepreneurial activities, the rate of return on equity in this area is ambiguous, and this factor leads to traditional financing methods, such as borrowing from banks and other financial institutions. Not to be. In response to this great dilemma, in recent decades there have been innovations in the ways of attracting capital into the technological realm, including the arrival of business angels, the creation of venture capital funds and accelerating start-ups.

    Each of the methods used to capitalize on technology-based startups, depending on their nature and characteristics, are used in part of the start-up lifecycle; however, there is still a large gap in the financing process of start-up entrepreneurs in the early stages of commercialization. There is.

    One of the ways in which recent years have attracted and welcomed startup entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is crowdfunding, which has greatly enhanced the advancements in the field of information technology and Internet inclusion. This method can be used, especially in the idea-making and infancy stages of start-ups. In this article, we will try to introduce collective investment as a new way to attract capital in entrepreneurial activities, and explore its different dimensions.

    What is collective investment?

    There are various definitions of collective funding by scholars and scholars that, similar to any other emerging phenomenon, its academic concepts are constantly evolving. In a general sense, collective investment can be described as a public call through the Internet, to provide the resources needed in the form of grants or to exchange a variety of rewards or shares to support initiatives to achieve specific goals. To put this concept in simple terms, it can be said: “The person applying for funding presents his / her idea and program through online financing intermediaries. If the business plan is appealing and appealing to the audience, hundreds and sometimes thousands of stakeholders invest relatively little funds to support and develop the idea. The sum of these funds can make it possible to start and grow a startup business. ”

    This method of financing is rapidly expanding, with total investments totaling more than $ 5 billion between 2010 and 2013 having a growth rate of 179%.

    According to Massolution, in 2015, the crowdfunding industry has seen significant growth, with the volume of investments increased from $ 6.1 billion in 2013 to more than $ 16.2 billion in 2014. . Given the 2-fold growth in 2015 and a record $ 34 billion this year, it can be said that investment growth has increased sharply during 2013. Interestingly enough, the crowdfunding industry accounted for only a small portion of the $ 880 million equity market in 2010, and has expanded the range of collective investment models such as donation, reward, stock buyback and lending. It is set to maintain its upward trend in the annual growth of this financing method.

    The increasing spread of Crowdfunding around the world as a social innovation and the impact this funding has had on advancing innovation, technology and entrepreneurship has led MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in its 2012 report. Announce one of the top 10 technologies of the year. The World Bank estimates that by 2020, total investment will reach more than $ 90 billion.

    The reason for the emergence and expansion of current organized crowdfunding can be attributed to the 2008 global financial crisis. Due to banks' unwillingness to lend, entrepreneurs began looking for other ways to raise funds, and websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter were launched in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Currently, more than 800 online brokers are working to raise funds.

    Collective financing was first introduced in 2008 by Jeff Howe in a book entitled Crowdsourcing. The basic idea of ??collecting focuses on the basic principle that "collective wisdom outweighs the wisdom of the most intelligent people in society." Accordingly, the "collective wisdom" paradigm, and its preference for elitist decisions, acts as a means of converging on a predetermined task, whether it is product production or service delivery. Collective investing is a type of fundraising for start-up businesses and innovative ideas based on Open Call and Crowd crowdfunding as the main fundamentals of fundraising. (The first recorded use of collective funding was made in 1876 to build the Statue of Liberty in the United States; fundraising efforts sponsored by the Pulitzer Institute for Boxing, Art Exhibitions, Theater, and the Small Sculpture Symbol Sale The 6-inch release began at $ 1 and the 12-inch at $ 5, and in the five-month process, more than $ 102,000 was raised by 125,000.

    The attraction of capital in the process of collective investment follows a form of decentralization. In other words, in conventional financing models (linear and centralized models), an intermediary acts as the broker. Conversely, in collective investment, the financing and guidance of investment and entrepreneurship opportunities follow a "distributed and networked model". Entrepreneurs and investors interact with each other in a collaborative context, as an evolved type of social network. In this interactive context, there are three major players: a set of investment opportunities in the form of innovative ideas introduced by entrepreneurs, a crowd of people interested in investing who prioritize and prioritize each of the opportunities presented by exchanging ideas and risk assessments. Finally, the collective investment interfaces that provide a collaborative platform through a set of information flow systems and processes. Due to the direct link between the owners of the capital and the applicants in this method of financing, some experts refer to it as "social banking".

    Types of collective investment models

    Today, a wide range of financing models are used through collective investment, each with a different business model than the other. Accordingly, intermediate platform business models can be categorized into two general categories of assistance and investment, each of which is itself divided into two sub-categories. Aid is also divided into two categories: donation and reward and investment.

    Donation: In this business model, investors participate in an innovative project without expecting a financial reward. Investments in this model are charitable and benevolent, and entrepreneurs have no obligation to reward the aid they receive. One of the most important platforms for donor-funded financing is GoFundMe, launched in 2010. Other top global platforms include CaringBridge, JustGiving and Fundly. It should be noted that some of these platforms work in specific areas of technology, such as medicine and others, in all fields.

    Reward: This business model is made by investors for a gift or pre-purchase of a product or service. Rewards awarded can vary depending on the amount of participation. In a way, this type of collective financing can be thought of as product-based.

    Loans: Debt or debt financing has been common since early 2005. In this financing model, which is a type of general investment class, entrepreneurs can apply for a loan without collateral. If the application is approved by the platform, the funds will be provided by different individuals and will eventually be repaid with interest (in some cases interest-free). It should be noted, however, that a small percentage of loan applications are usually accepted by platforms. LendingClub is one of the most important platforms based on the business loan model of collective investment.

    Purchase of Shares or Ventures: This type of financing can be considered the most sophisticated type of collective financing in which investors receive shares in return for their micro investments and derive profits as well as voting rights for future decisions. It should be noted, however, that in this case, the investor is not entitled to any direct interest and in fact, he or she will be paid some form of risky investment. The formation of a stock-financing model in corporate finance began in 2012 with the approval of the US Congress, and the familiarity with crowdfunding and the extensive activities of corporate investing platforms enabled this model of business to gradually develop and evolve. Find out. With the recession of 2008 and the growing demand of entrepreneurs and business owners for low-interest capital, the share buy-in model has grown sharply in recent years. This model also helps small investors play a role as business angels and venture capital funds.

    The Trend of Business Modeling of Corporate Investment Platforms

    One of the highlights of the transformation and evolution of venture capital as a new way of financing startup companies is the trend of business platform changes in recent years. To further explore this, a study of the top 100 fundraising platforms has shown that the business models of these platforms are shifting from the simpler donation model to more sophisticated equity, loan and reward models. Between 1997 and 2002, there were only three platforms that are currently in the top 100 list. This number increased to 15 at the end of 2006, reflecting an increasing trend in the rate of change and evolution of collective investment platforms.

    Interestingly, the top 37 platforms were launched between 2007 and 2010 (the peak years of the global economic crisis). Between 2007 and 2010, most of the crowdfunding platforms were based on the donor business model, while the platforms launched between 2011 and 2014 focused more on the equity business model. This trend demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of the stock purchase model, which demonstrates the public's willingness to invest in and share innovative ideas and profit above conventional rates.

    Among the leading countries in the crowdfunding industry is the United States, which has been ranked first with 55 active websites among the top 100 platforms. After the US, Britain, France, Germany and China are the next countries active in this field. Another interesting point comes from the share of high-income countries in the mass investment platforms, which own more than 90 of the top 100 global platforms. This shows that in developed and high-income countries, this type of financing is more concentrated and countries with low per capita income are not active in this area.

    Government measures to promote collective investment

    Collective financing can be seen as a kind of open innovation in the area of ??fundraising through social networks and cyberspace. Obviously, the first successful experiences of this new way of investing will take place in the leading countries in the field of information technology.

    It should be borne in mind that the problem of providing finance for start-ups and technology-based businesses is not limited to developing countries only and developed countries are also dealing with it. Studies show that financing early and early childhood businesses is one of the most important barriers to development in developed countries. For example, in a 2010 survey in Canada, more than 70 percent of startups emphasized access to finance and the challenge of attracting capital. Entrepreneurs 'acceptance of public financing, as well as public acceptance of this approach, has made public policies in the science and technology and funding policy-makers' agenda across a wide range of countries to reform and improve related laws. Here are some of these policy plans:

    1. America (Jobs Act document): The plan was approved in 2012 and allows small businesses to use online intermediaries to fund relatively small amounts through collective participation. Accordingly, financial transactions in collective investment are exempt from US Securities Regulations.

    2. The European Union (Entrepreneurship Document 2020): In this Action Plan, which aims to develop entrepreneurship in the EU countries in 2013, the replacement of financing methods in small and medium-sized enterprises by new methods, in particular collective investment, is the case. Attention has been paid.

    3. Canada (Draft Funding Funding): This draft was formulated in 2014 and exempts companies that fund their required funds through the use of authorized online platforms by disclosing product information.

    Business Angels and Risky Investors React to Increasing Growth of Venture Capital

    As mentioned in the previous section, the market for investing in technology businesses has been affected by the significant growth of collective investment. The key question is how will VCs and business angels respond to this great transformation and what strategies will they adopt to adapt to these conditions. Venture capital activist Tim Draper emphasizes that the stock-buying model of collective investment can help entrepreneurs attract capital. Have access. I welcome companies and intermediaries active in this field, because expanding them means that a technology company, even before investing in R&D and product launches, has attracted a lot of people interested in the idea. Has made it possible for them to contribute to the company's financing process. "

    Interestingly, some business angels and venture capital funds have gone too far and are seeking to integrate the stock purchase model into their collective financing as one of the steps in their investment strategy. As a key partner of Arena Investment Group, Page Craig has decided to build a network of more than 10,000 business angels using community-based platforms. "I don't look at equity investing business models as a tool, but as a space for genuine partnerships where a VC can collaborate and deploy crowdfunding platforms," ??he said of his company's new strategy. Target a new set of risky investments. "When the stability, expertise and experience of venture capitalist companies merge with a range of motivating and rich collective experiences, there is a tremendous force in the financing ecosystem and this is what we are looking for in the arena."

    It should be noted that increasing transparency in the operation of venture capital funds and the sharing of information for all stakeholders (a broad range of micro-investors) can be one of the most important effects of VC development on VCs.

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    New ways to make money online and online entrepreneurship

    21st Century According to Transparent, 21st Century, with all its amusement and fascination, has introduced simple ways of making money in the business world, the presence of the Internet in this century has spawned new and emerging businesses. Many young people nowadays are finding themselves in the simplest ways to earn a living, using new tools such as social networks like telegram, Instagram, setting up an online store of topics that many 21st Century youth They have chosen their business through this method.

    Will 21st Century Traditional Business Have a Place? With the changing tastes of the 21st century, the presence of the Internet and the world of technology at every moment of the day, has led many to turn to the Internet and their smartphones to find their needs first. This brings you to the point that being in this new world can be the best tool for expanding your business.

    But how can we start our online business in the 21st century? Can tools like telegram, Instagram, etc. create a permanent business for us? Is it possible to have a permanent business in the internet without website design and SEO?

    With a little contemplation of today's businesses, including the launch of telegram channels and Instagram pages, one can see the high revenue of these tools, based on interviews with telegram channel managers seeking between 800,000 and 1 million users. They have, we make between $ 30 million and $ 100 million a month. Accordingly, if you expect the revenue in traditional businesses to be at least 10 to 15 years old, you can achieve some of that revenue.

    But what is the reason? If you take a thorough look at this, you will find that if you compare traditional businesses with modern and online businesses, the number of people you target in modern and online businesses is much higher than Traditional business. So the first reason for your success in starting online businesses is having a very high audience in the internet world including social networks.

    Experience over 10 years of working in web design and digital marketing has come to the conclusion that a permanent, long-term business cannot be started without a permanent internet base. Human beings are always looking for a way to make meaningful investments in life. Surely, using the right tools in the world of the Internet can increase their success in this direction

    Sales are generally on the rise, so the economy will not change (or even get better) with or without replacement sellers. This can be called "progress". And that interest in online shopping is fueled by the news that online companies are spreading their service power. (a clothing and footwear retailer) and Amazon are classic examples. Some companies now have both traditional and online sales. If you ask the executives of those companies which type they prefer, I tell you that they will prefer online sales.

    An online retailer can sell a product cheaper than a traditional retailer because it has less overhead due to the less or no cost of renting the place and the seller's wages. This is not necessarily bad news. This is just a news item and it is better for sellers to pay attention. The economy is not damaged by the lack of sellers. Now is the time for retailers to study the market and see where they can take advantage of the long-term opportunity. Combine these opportunities with interests in specific areas and decide what to do best. Now is the time for gratitude and joy - not the time to complain, to embarrass or regret. Now is the time to plan for your one year and even ten years.

    Sales-related jobs will grow wherever the economy dictates. Health is growing because society is getting older. You can start here. Technology will expand and create special jobs for sale. Take a look at the potentials there and the Internet will create all sorts of jobs, especially sales jobs, because of its undeniable growth. People who have lost their jobs selling clothes have to pay more attention to the keywords searched in Google to update their information. Google is not a company but a community and a culture.

    In his article, Mr. Ledbetter focused solely on the retail sector and disregarded the larger sector. It is true that some jobs will be eliminated, but ten times as many as that will be possible. The original story of the death of a salesman in Year 2 was published by Arthur Miller. The story was about a neglected boy named Willy, who refused to change his ways in line with changing society. He was ultimately defeated and died, so if you were not aware of what was happening around you, so would you.

    In his article, Mr. Ledbetter focused solely on the retail sector and disregarded the larger sector. It is true that some jobs will be eliminated, but ten times as many as that will be possible. The original story of the death of a salesman in Year 2 was published by Arthur Miller. The story was about a neglected boy named Willy, who refused to change his ways in line with changing society. He was ultimately defeated and died, so if you were not aware of what was happening around you, so would you.

    Online business is both a revolution and a transformation. Not a job killer - it's just a job, and it allows you and me as a customer to spend $ 6 on gasoline or have to find parking on weekends, which is difficult just by clicking on your desired purchase. .

    If you search the internet for monetization, internet monetization or online monetization, you will find that there are many sites that advertise and try to get people into the business in various ways. Whether or not these sites make real and secure internet money should be discussed separately.

    In this article, we are going to provide tutorials on how to make money online without much capital.

    Why Make Internet Money?

    As mentioned above, there are many sites that encourage Internet users to make money online. Now we want to examine why internet monetization is important and why we should look for internet monetization. The reasons you need to start your own internet business and make money online are as follows:

    Make money online without capital

    You don't have to pay for an internet business if you do not need a site and if you need an internet site you can do it with low capital. It should be noted, however, that you may incur any costs for operating the Internet and making money online. For example, if you pay for site design, you can make up for it by planning properly. However, with WordPress, you can design your own website and not pay for the site.

    Make money from the Internet anywhere

    You don't need to have an office and have to pay rent to make money online. When you need to manage your internet business from your mobile or PC you don't need an office or a place to work and you have to work at home. If you are planning on traveling, you do not need to take a vacation anymore. In every city and village you travel you can experience online money from there.

    Make money online at custom times

    When you are managing your internet work and you are about to make internet money then there will be no limit to your working time choice. You can access the internet every hour of the day and night, improve your internet business, and make a living online

    Unlimited customers

    When you start your business online, you should expect to have customers from every city and country. Your other customers are not limited to the streets and streets of your city and they can become your internet business from anywhere and make money online.

    These are just a few of the reasons you need to make money online

    Next, we are going to introduce models that can help you make money online. Depending on your situation you can choose at least one of these models.

    Make money online by selling physical products

    The most common model that is familiar to the general public is this model. In this model you have to produce and prepare a physical product and then sell it online. You can sell these products from your website or online stores or auction sites.

    When you sell physical products over the Internet, customers will no longer need to visit in person and it will be easier for them to shop online.

    Customers can read images and descriptions as well as user comments first and then purchase with an open view.

    Many traditional stores also design an online store next to their store, where they also experience online money.

    Make money online by selling services

    Services are more suitable for sale online than physical products because they are not supposed to be shipped.

    Various services such as language training, music training, graphic training, site design training, SEO training and any other services can be done online without physical presence.

    The advantage of having a service is that you produce content once and you can sell it multiple times. For example, you prepare a music tutorial file and put it on your website or online store and it can be sold multiple times.

    Make money online from video files

    Video files are one of the most common formats for making money online. There are many people who prefer watching clips to reading text or listening to audio.

    You can produce and sell clips in any field you specialize in.

    Make Money Online by Selling Ebooks

    In any field you specialize in, just type in your pen or turn on your computer and start typing. As simple as possible, using Word Environment, you can type your educational content and then convert it to a Pdf file and publish it online and eventually make a home Internet income.

    The difference between ebooks and physical books is that there is no cost or license required to produce them, and you can easily produce them at no cost.

    You can start a site today and start producing Pdf files and sell them through your site and taste the income online.

    If you do not want to have a site you can upload and sell your files through Iranian and foreign file sales sites.

    Of course, at the beginning you need to get some free Ebooks and publish them on the Internet so that internet users get to know you and then sell them.

    If you already have a website and have published articles in it, you can make the same articles more complete and turn them into a booklet. You can also post viral content on social media.

    Allow the publication of your booklet with a citation. This will make you more popular.

    You can download a small portion of your pdf files for free and finally encourage those interested to go to a specific link and download it in full.

    If you design your ebooks professionally, it will attract more and more users.

    Make money online by selling audio podcasts

    These days, many people have made money online by producing audio podcasts. Many people think audio podcasts have no place despite video files on the Internet. True, videos are more appealing to watch, but there are reasons we suggest that you can also make money online by producing audio podcasts. Audio podcasts have many benefits, some of which are:

    While driving, people can't watch video from their car monitor or mobile phone, but they can easily listen to audio. A friend of mine who works in insurance because she has a lot of work and is driving a lot of the time, she prefers to buy insurance training files and listen in the car.

    Most people listen to audio files while walking. These files may be songs or educational podcasts.

    Many people are listening to audio while working if their work does not require much focus. For example, typists, hairdressers, or taxi drivers, and many others, prefer to make full use of their time in this way.

    There are many people who do not have the time to study books or watch movies. These people have no choice but to audio.

    Audio podcasts can be easily produced even from your mobile phone at no cost and you can edit them with audio editing software.

    That's enough for you to realize that you can still make money online through audio podcasts. That's why we want to look at the following things to consider when producing podcasts:

    Choosing the right theme for podcast production

    To start producing an audio podcast, you first need to target a specific topic or market. You can't produce podcasts that cover everyone in the community.

    Find the part of the market or community you are interested in and those who are interested in audio podcasts.

    You have to see what people are interested in right now. For example, making money online or making money at home are things that can have a good audience because of the bad money.

    Produce podcasts in the best way

    You need to produce podcasts that can reach more audiences. The podcasts you produce must have good sound quality, focus on the day-to-day concerns of the community, and be a topic people tend to use.

    Make money online through podcasts

    If you have products and services that can be converted to audio podcasts, you can make money from them or convert others' products into podcasts and get sales leads.

    Become an audio podcast expert

    If you have no idea about audio podcasts, you can convert products and articles from other sites into podcasts. If you can do this professionally, you can be sure that many webmasters will come to you.

    Make money online from external sites

    External sites are one of the places where you can make money online. The reason that internet sites earn better than foreign sites is that they are more expensive to pay in dollars and other foreign currencies. You can make money online from external sites by doing activities such as copywriting, site design and much more.

    Make money online by typing

    There are many sites and companies that are highly typified and hire personal for the job. By learning high-speed ten-finger typing, you can make money online in the empty hours of your day. This way you can use the shortest time possible to make money online. Also, if you work with a computer or your first job is a computer, learning high-speed typing can save you a lot of time. If so, you can double-tap on a high-speed arrow by learning high-speed typing!

    Make money online by working at freelancer recruitment sites

    Freelance is one of the most popular jobs in the world. If you like to work for yourself and be your own boss, you'll come up with freelance. Many companies hire freelancers instead of hiring people. To make money online, you just need to sign up as a freelancer on the sites that work in the field.

    Freelance can be both the first job and the second job. Depending on the power of this method of earning money online you can either take the first job or take less time and look at the second job.

    Make money online through translation

    If you know a foreign language like English, French, Russian, Japanese or any other language you can make money online.

    There are many sites that use external sites to produce their site content. Even many of them prefer to use foreign sites other than English. For example Russian, Japanese or French sites. Contact the webmasters and offer them a sample sample. Be sure the idea of ??an internet business can make you a good internet money.

    Concluding remarks

    As we mentioned in this article, Internet income is one of the highest-paid jobs with low capital. That is, if you implement it well, you can make great internet revenue.

    Of course, you need to set up your own internet business with the expertise and interest you need to make money online.

    The Internet businesses that we mentioned in this article can be the primary job of any person and can generate significant income. People who have employees, teachers, or any other job can choose one of the earning methods we mentioned as a second Internet job.

    category : finance

    Types of Bitcoin monetization and digital currencies

    Many people in the world of bitcoin and digital currencies are working to make money fast. This article focuses exclusively on monetization through bitcoin and other digital currencies.

    While there are many ways to make money through bitcoin, there is practically no way to get free bitcoin. Ways to get Bitcoin online takes a lot of time and money and most of the ways that promise free Bitcoin are not worth the time.

    Bitcoin is like real money

    For some strange reason, people think that because Bitcoin is a new form of money, there are magical ways to get Bitcoin and it's easy to make money.

    This thinking is not accepted, because bitcoin is just like other currencies. Since there is no easy and risk-free way to make money, there is no magical way to earn bitcoin.

    While it is possible to make money from digital currencies, you need to spend enough time and money to get it.

    Each method described below is evaluated on the basis of the following factors:

    • How much effort does this method take?

    How much is this method of monetization?

    • What is the risk of this procedure?

    Drop Income (Fast Method, Pay Per Click and Small Businesses)

    One of the cheapest, easiest, yet most time-consuming ways to earn bitcoin is by dropping revenue. This means that you do a little work and you get a small part of a queen for your time.

    Some popular drip sites are bitcoins that give you a small amount of currency based on your frequent visits to a specific time period. Fasts are a subset of PTC sites or pay per clicks. PTC sites give you very little digital currency for your clicks on ads or related buttons.

    How small is the payment amount?

    According to the calculations, if you work on these sites continuously, you will earn around 1 to 2 cents an hour on average. We're not sure if this value is worth the time or the power consumption.

    Create a fast site

    While contributing as a fast user will not make a lot of money, owning your own fast site will be another story. You can make your fast site easy and make money by displaying ads.

    Depending on the type of ad and the amount of site traffic, you can earn $ 5 a month by launching a fast site.

    However, setting up a fast site takes time and effort; you need to set up your own website, manage users, prevent fraud, and also need the initial capital to finance fast.

    Build a signature campaign in the Bitcoin Talk community In the mid-7s, the largest bitcoin community launched signature campaigns. Simply put, you can use your signature in this forum to promote a product and get paid for each post in this community. The full list of campaigns can be found by visiting the Bitcoin Talk community.

    By participating in this campaign, the amount you receive will depend on your level of membership in the community, usually people whose membership level is not a "full member" will receive very little. You must have at least 2 posts to become a member. There are also other restrictions such as the number of characters, the original content, and so on.

    Sometimes there is a certain number of minimum posts per week. Based on experience, you can earn $ 1 an hour based on your membership level and the posts you have written. This time, however, does not include the number of posts to reach the level desired in this forum.Become a trader or trader

    One of the fastest, easiest and most dangerous ways to make money with bitcoin is to trade or exchange money. Trading basically means that you try to buy it when the price goes down and sell it after the increase.

    However, Bitcoin's successful trade is not about luck or speculation. Traders who profit from their trades spend a considerable amount of time learning the basics of trading and overcoming the risks involved. Trader knows he may lose in the short run, but looks at it as an investment in education because his goal is to profit in the long run.

    If you want to be a good trader, make sure you invest enough time and money in training your trader.Promote and promote marketing links

    One of the ways that is often overlooked is to promote affiliate marketing programs and various marketing links. Collaborating in sales or marketing links is the practice whereby individuals advertise a particular business for free and receive a commission if they purchase or sign up from a customer.

    Many currency exchanges, products and services offer sales partnerships that you can use.

    There are many ways to advertise your marketing link; for example, you can share your marketing link on social networks, advertise on various sites, or even set up an informational site and publish your Affiliate link.Bitcoin blogging and digital currencies

    If you have information in this field and have good writing talent, you can consider the journalism and writing profession of digital currencies. As the world of digital currencies is growing, news and content sites are expanding in this area as well. In many cases, these sites desperately need the author, as they publish a lot of articles and content every week.

    Since good writers are hard to find, if you can get your quality work done, you can make good money by writing about bitcoin and digital currencies at home.

    The best way to find such a job is to search for the Jobs section of your favorite news website. You can also send email to a specific website or create a profile on freelance author sites.

    I assure you that there is a great need for good writers. It is best to have some sample articles of your own before applying for such websites, as many of these sites will consider your record before hiring.

    Sales of products and related services

    Types of Bitcoin monetization and digital currencies

    If you can't play with words like writers, you might be able to provide other services. The Bitcoin Thread community service thread offers you a wide range of bitcoin services. Some of these include creating a website, marketing a product online or even guaranteeing bitcoin transactions.Bitcoin mining and digital currencies

    Many people who are familiar with bitcoin first become interested in the concept of mining. Creating the Magical Money of the Internet From a Personal Computer, What Could be Better?

    In fact, bitcoin mining today is more than just entertainment. This requires extremely expensive equipment, expensive electricity, hardware configuration knowledge and physical space to maintain the miners.

    The extraction of peninsulas (for example atrium) is cheaper than bitcoin, but that only means their equipment is cheap; other things like power costs, configuration and maintenance are basically the same.

    In some cases you will find websites and mobile apps that extract currency for you. Most of these services are completely useless and will only use your computing power and battery to recover a few cents.

    Another option is cloud mining. That is, you pay someone to use the device for extraction. While this may seem ideal, most of these sites just pretend to use your money for extraction and most of them are scams.

    In addition, while there are legitimate and reputable sites, it is best to invest the money you spend on these sites in Bitcoin. Of course, we always recommend doing your own research because this is your money.

    Bitcoin lending

    One of the very popular ways in progress is to make money through the Bitcoin lending platform. Such sites link borrowers who need digital currency to people who want to borrow bitcoin at a certain rate of interest.

    Since these loans are extremely risky, their interest rates are also very high and at first looks like a good investment.

    Suppose you can lend 2% of a digital currency in one year. What's better than that !?

    Since there is no real guarantee or collateral that the borrower can properly repay the liability, the borrower rejects the contract and the lender loses its money.

    In the review that was done, all the borrowers eventually rejected the contract, so we strongly recommend that you avoid this method.

    Increase bitcoin by hype

    Another highly recommended way to avoid doing this is to use a high-yield investment plan called HYIPs. These sites claim that Quinn will double or promise unrealistic or definite profits in a matter of days.

    In fact, what these sites do is take money from new users to give it to older users. This process makes a lot of noise on the site and eventually makes it legal.

    In addition, these sites may also have a referral program, so the user logs in with some of his friends.

    This is how the Ponzi systems work. They work for two or three months and then suddenly the site becomes out of date and the money goes to waste. No new payments are made and many people are affected by the scam.

    In the last three years we have explored many sites but have yet to find a site to invest securely. Any site that has offered you a great promise is going to be a scam.Getting bitcoin forks and Airdrops

    Since August 6, bitcoin has begun to "split" into new coins. Briefly fork or split means creating a new bitcoin clone from an existing bitcoin. Anyone who has kept bitcoin before the fork can have a new coin after the fork.

    The first known bitcoin fork but then the bitcoin Gold and bitcoin Diamond forks were added. Fiend's acquisition of digital currencies from Fork is basically the same, but first you need to know how Bitcoin works

    Be aware that if you do not have enough information you may lose your bitcoin. So people with no technical information are advised to abandon Fork's thinking and keep their bitcoin safe.

    In the alternatives available, companies in exchange for a commission for Fork offer you to get bitcoin, which is likely to end in fraud again.

    Assuming Fork has a place in the market, you can sell it on the currency exchange after you receive it.


    The Airdrops are similar to Forks and can be said to have come from "nowhere". Airdrops are commonly used to expand a digital currency globally. These currencies are distributed publicly and for free, although conditions may apply.

    Byteball, for example, gave users who had bitcoins, given their bitcoin number.

    As such, forks and airdrops are one of the most valuable ways to spend time at high risk. We recommend that you use them after extensive research and understanding of the process.


    In this article we tried to look at all the ways to make money in digital currencies. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Some methods are very risky, while others require a great deal of time and effort.

    As mentioned in the article, there is no easy and risk-free way to earn money with Bitcoin. The good news is that these methods are likely to be monetized; and this can happen if you create creative ways to make money.